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Workflow and Features of Pigmy Software by The Web People

workflow & features of pigmy software

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In our last blog, we have seen How Pigmy Plus App is transforming Pigmy Collection Process? In this blog on Pigmy Software, we are going to explain the workflow and features of our application and how it works during real-time transactions.


Pigmy Plus App is a software which is a suite of 3 apps – Agent App, User App, and Admin Dashboard. We have brought this pigmy collection system to manage the entire pigmy process. It is a user-friendly app that is easy to use & saves time involved in the process of collecting the pigmy & provides almost foolproof data of the activities. It not only saves the time of the financial sector employees & customers but also helps in reducing the carbon footprint by not using paper receipts.

Workflow of Pigmy Software

Admin Dashboard 

Here admin is the one who manages Financial Agency.


– Maintain Agent List: As an admin, you will have an option to create and remove agents. Together with this, all the transactions which happen through the agent app get updated on the admin dashboard in real-time. If the agent delays depositing the received amount to the bank, then the admin has an option to disable the agent’s account.
– Maintain Customer List: Admin can manage the details of paying users and their respective agents under one tab. He will also have access to add and remove users.
– Transaction Details: All the transactions which happen between Agent and user are updated on the admin dashboard in real-time. In case the agent is unable to update the withdraw/deposit status on his app, he/she can connect with an admin who has an option to update it from his side.
– Custom Reports: Admin can view the transaction reports and create his own custom report as per the requirement.
– Settings: Admin will have an option to make changes in agent’s commission, depositor’s interest, and check SMS balance.
– Custom Notification: Admin has an option to create custom notifications.

Agent  App

An agent is a person who has been legally empowered to act on behalf of the admin/financial agency.


– Maintain Customer List: The agent can manage the details of paying users who have registered under him. Along with this, he will also have an option to add and remove users.
– Add a new Customer: When an agent gets a new pigmy depositor, the agent has an option to add new user in agent application. Once the user is approved by the admin, the agent will have an option to enter the deposited amount on behalf of that new user.
– Transaction Details: All the transactions which happen between Agent and user are updated here. The agent has an option to update the withdraw/deposit status through this app. Each and everything which is updated here will be notified to the customer in real-time.
– Submit Daily Collections: The agent can update the transaction amount collected from the user to the bank i.e., the agent has an option to submit the deposit.
– Report Generation: Admin can generate reports through the app.

User App

The user is the one who has registered under the financial sector and pays his regular deposit with the agent.


– Withdraw request: If the user is in need of money and needs his deposited amount back, then the user has an option to request his agent/admin for amount withdrawal.
– Interest Calculation: If the user needs to check his interest on his deposit, then he/she can calculate the interest using interest calculation.
– Deposit Details: The user can check his total deposit details here.
– Transaction Details: When the agent enters the pigmy amount to the bank, the user gets a payment confirmation notification. Once the user confirms, the agent can directly enter the deposit to the bank. After the entry, the details summary of the deposit is sent to the user.
– Notifications: On every transaction update, the user is notified with in-app notifications and SMS notifications.

Check this video to understand the features better

Make the best use of our pigmy software which will help you in making your pigmy fund collection process easy.

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