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Easy pigmy collection process through Pigmy Plus Apps

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Pigmy collection is a process of deposit, which helps daily wage earners, small traders and farmers to inculcate a saving habit. The collection of pigmy usually happens through ticketing Machine which involves physical intervention at multiple touch points. So, we at The Web People came up with an idea of giving a digital touch to the process of collecting pigmy with the use of cloud connected mobile apps which has a bunch of other useful features.


Currently, the pigmy collections are done through ticket collecting machines that are expensive and has maintenance issues. Some of the disadvantages of this conventional method are

  • This process is highly time-consuming.
  • The tools used here are expensive.
  • No Data Security.
  • Possibility of fraud and data tampering


Pigmy collection has been one of the routine monetary functions of many banks & other financial organizations. We have planned to introduce a mobile pigmy collection system for managing the entire process. It is a user-friendly app which is easy to use & saves time involved in the process of collecting the pigmy & provides almost foolproof data of the activities. It not only saves the time of the financial sector employees & customers but also helps in reducing the carbon footprint by not using paper receipts.

The Pigmy Plus app suite comprises of 3 applications

User App Features

  • Can check the total deposit
  • Can create multiple pigmy accounts
  • Withdraw request
  • Interest Calculation
  • SMS notifications
  • In-app notifications

Agent App Features

  • Collect pigmy
  • Maintain Customer list
  • Add new Customer
  • Submit Daily Collections
  • Report Generation

Admin App Features

  • Maintain Agent list
  • Maintain Customer list
  • Periodic Calculation of Agents’ commission, interest to depositors can be calculated.
  • Custom Reports
  • Withdraw management
  • Activate/Block Agents
  • Customizable Export of data
  • Send Custom Notifications


  • Ease of use
  • Paperless process
  • Mobile applications to conduct the process
  • Entry of receipt immediately gets recorded in the server
  • Time Saving
  • Lesser investment but more secure and reliable method
  • Transparency in fund collection and withdrawal
  • Motivates customer to save more and deposit punctually
  • Also avoids usage of print receipts
  • No need to worry about data loss in case of mobile theft as data is synchronized with the server.

Success Story

Surya Credit Corporative Society

Surya Credit Corporative Society is a financial business based in Puttur which helps the people to make their own savings every day.

The tedious manual process of pigmy collection was replaced by our Pigmy Plus app suite which helped them to cut down the investment costs on the hardware.
This has not only helped to increase the productivity of the agents but also reduced the financial errors to help in smooth operation.
Now Surya Credit Corporative Society is managing over thousands of members with handful of agents without any hassle.

Start using pigmy plus app in your organization today!