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Pixel Softek: Geospatial and web-based software solutions

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Pixel Softek is a trusted partner for geospatial consulting, services, and solutions with over two decades of experience in the domain of land, water, infrastructure, and utilities. With headquarters in Bengaluru and an office in Chennai, Pixel Softek caters to the international market through its subsidiary in Atlanta, USA. The ISO-certified and CMMI Level 3 certified company’s strategic model of practical research on technology ensures every application developed is dedicated to delivering performance with excellence to lead. Pixel Softek’s customized solutions and services are configurable and cross-platform, with a commitment to quality, data security, and contributing to society through corporate social responsibility initiatives.

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Client Requirement

Pixel Softek approached The Web People to create a professional, visually appealing, and user-friendly corporate website design style that is consistent with their brand image. The client sought a visually striking website with a clean look and animation for the hero section. The Web People worked closely with the client to ensure that the design met their specific requirements, including the use of blue and green colors, gradient-style icons, and custom images to explain maps and features. The website was designed to be responsive and user-friendly, with an intuitive interface.

Website UI Design

The Web People’s Website UI design solution to Pixel Softek involves visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for their website. The design of a website’s user interface is a critical aspect of its success, as it impacts the way visitors perceive and interact with the website. The Web People worked closely with Pixel Softek to ensure that the design meets their specific needs and requirements, including the desired colour theme and style.

Website Development

This involves building and maintaining the website using a variety of tools and technologies, ensuring that it is functional and user-friendly. The development process typically involves creating the website’s architecture, designing the user interface, and integrating various features and functionalities into the site.

Corporate Website Design Style

Pixel Softek required a Corporate Website Design Style which is professional, visually appealing, and consistent with their brand image. The Web People worked closely with Pixel Softek to ensure that the design met their specific requirements. This included using a combination of blue and green colors throughout the website, incorporating different styles across different sections for a clean look, and adding animation to the stand-out hero section. The website was designed to be visually striking and user-friendly, with gradient-style icons and custom images used to explain maps and features.