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Lekhani: Empowering literary enthusiasts

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Lekhani is a dynamic mobile application designed for literary aficionados, providing a comprehensive platform for reading and writing across various genres. With a user-friendly interface and immersive features, Lekhani offers a seamless experience for users to explore, create, and engage with literary content.

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Client Requirement

Lekhani approached The Web People® to develop a mobile application that caters to both reading and writing enthusiasts. The app needed to incorporate user registration and login, profile creation, writing and publishing features, a vast library of literary works, social interaction capabilities, detailed analytics for writers, an admin dashboard to manage users and content categories, and a premium content feature. The app was required to support three different languages and be developed for Android platforms using Ionic for the front-end and Node.js with MongoDB for the back-end.

Mobile App Development

The Web People® team worked diligently to develop the Lekhani mobile app for Android platforms. The app provides a user-friendly registration and login process, allowing users to access the platform’s features seamlessly. Users can create personalized profiles, adding a bio and profile picture to showcase their literary identity. The built-in editor enables writers to craft and publish their stories, poems, and articles effortlessly. Privacy settings empower writers to control the visibility of their works, choosing between public and private accessibility. The app also incorporates a premium content feature where certain content is made available upon payment, providing remuneration for content creators.

Lekhani Mobile App Development

Reading Experience

Lekhani offers a diverse and extensive library of literary works, ensuring readers have access to a wide range of content. Readers can browse through stories, poems, and articles, and enjoy a captivating reading experience on their mobile devices. The app incorporates intuitive search functionality, allowing users to discover content by author, genre, or keywords. The multi-language support feature enables readers to select their preferred language upon entering the app, ensuring a personalized experience based on their language selection.

"We are delighted to write this review after being connected with this company for several days. Both Mr. Sharath and Mr. Aditya have been humble and supportive, and they quickly understood our requirements. It was effortless to work with them. We are thrilled with the application developed by 'The Web People', and their skills and promptness are excellent. Their service is outstanding, and we thank the team for the fantastic work on our 'Lekhani' project. We have many upcoming updates, and we trust the web people without any second thoughts. We wish them all the best for their upcoming projects."

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Social Interaction

To foster engagement and connection among users, Lekhani includes a built-in social feature. Readers can follow their favorite authors, receiving notifications whenever new works are published. The app encourages interaction through features such as liking, commenting, and sharing literary pieces, creating a vibrant and supportive community for literary enthusiasts.

Analytics and Admin Dashboard

The Web People® implemented robust analytics functionality within the Lekhani app, providing writers with detailed insights into their readership. Writers can access comprehensive analytics, including the number of views and likes for their works, enabling them to evaluate their reach and engagement. Additionally, an admin dashboard was developed using Angular technology, empowering the Lekhani team to efficiently manage users and categories/subcategories within the app.


Lekhani has revolutionized the reading and writing experience for literary enthusiasts. The mobile app developed by The Web People® seamlessly integrates user-friendly features, a vast library of literary works, social interaction capabilities, and comprehensive analytics. By providing a platform that empowers both readers and writers, Lekhani has created a vibrant literary community where creativity thrives.