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EventEngage: Digital experiences platform for conversions

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EventEngage is a full-funnel digital experiences platform that creates high-touch digital experiences throughout the customer lifecycle, from lead to customer to advocate. Their platform offers hyper-personalized, omnichannel experiences, enabling businesses to create buzz around their products, identify high-intent leads, and capture pain points. EventEngage also offers hands-on training for customer success and a unified platform for academic meetings. The platform is aimed at helping businesses drive conversions at every stage of the customer journey.

Services Offered

Client Requirement

Event Engage approached The Web People to revamp their brand’s logo and website design. The client sought to convey their core offerings with a fresh color palette and a new design element on their website to make it stand out. The goal was to give the brand a modern and refreshing outlook. The Web People provided logo design, website UI, and website development services to fulfill the client’s requirement.

Website Design and Development

Event Engage wanted a seamless user experience that would help drive conversions at every stage of the customer journey. The Web People’s team designed a high-touch, interactive website that allowed customers to engage with the brand throughout their lifecycle. The website features a responsive design that provides a consistent experience across all devices. To further enhance the user experience, bright, visible colors like Han Blue, Pastel Orange, Orioles Orange, and Deep Lemon are used as primary colours to make the brand stand out. The Web People also incorporated mesh gradient elements and custom avatar faces alongside human imagery to evoke deep connotation.

Dashboard and Slide Animation

The Web People used a dashboard-style design to help users easily find features and understand the platform’s functionality. Additionally, slide animations were used in the hero section of the homepage to explain features in a visually engaging way. This helped Event Engage present their platform’s capabilities more effectively to potential customers.