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DruvStar: US based Cybersecurity Service Provider

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DruvStar is a trusted cybersecurity service provider that offers assessment and protection services, data security, training, and comprehensive threat insights with a US-based SOC. Its solutions help businesses assess and harden their cybersecurity posture, grow their cybersecurity capabilities, improve data compliance and security, and prepare their teams for incident response. DruvStar combines enterprise-grade SIEM, AI/ML, 24/7 monitoring, advanced threat hunting, and highly skilled people to protect businesses 24/365

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Client Requirement

DruvStar approached The Web People with a requirement for UI design, website development, and social media creative design services. They were looking for a creative and user-friendly website that effectively communicates their cybersecurity services to potential clients. They also required assistance with their social media presence and wanted to create visually appealing and engaging social media posts and ad posters that would help them reach a wider audience.


For the website design, The Web People focused on incorporating modern design techniques that would enhance the appeal of the client’s services. The use of glassmorphism and 3D iconography added a touch of elegance while aiding in highlighting important information to the visitors. The result was a captivating website that provided an easy navigation experience for the users

Social Media

In terms of social media creative design, The Web People utilized their expertise to come up with innovative and visually appealing designs that would grab the attention of the audience. The use of color schemes, typography, and other design elements were incorporated to create visually stunning posts that conveyed the client’s services in an effective manner. The final designs were not only aesthetically pleasing but also communicated the client’s message in a clear and concise way.