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An LMS Platform for the best education provider.

  • Client

    Tesla Education

Open Project


Tesla Education is a group of noble-minded individuals working to bring freshness and innovation to education.

Services Offered

  • UI Design
  • LMS Website Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Marketing

To Build a Website to Sell Online Courses

Tesla Education approached us for a website to sell their uniquely structured courses online for students from 5th to 9th standard. They also have courses for creative problem solving and courses which helps students to accustom for competitive exams. Each courses has video content, quizzes, assignments which students has to attend.

Branding that sets it apart

We used consistent coloring across their social media assets and promotion content, which made a mark in it’s audience.


Student's Favorite

We delivered a complete LMS system which enabled students to buy the course, access paid video content securely, attend quizzes and track their performance in their user dashboard. Totally, the platform provided easily understandable dashboard navigation which even students can use.

Mobile first approach

The website is fully responsive which means it works beautifully on screens of all sizes including mobile phones & tablets and is also driving sales.