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Mucho Gusto! 

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Started in 2015 as a 2-people company and launched in 2018 as a full scale digital agency, The Web People has served over 200 clients globally. Diversifying the services under design, development and marketing, we have worked with the clients as a tech partner helping them increase their business.

The pandemic changed a lot of things. It changed how we interact, transact and engage with people and businesses in our daily lives. Before the pandemic, we were delivering exciting projects for the clients which were driven by their desire to innovate rather than expected by their customers. But, the last two years have seen a real step change in how every businesses see their integral technology. It is now more of how well they can reach out to and serve their customers through digital experiences. And we reworked on how we engage with our clients and work with them to meet their customer’s needs and expectations in our capacity as an agency.

2022 Journey

As we are in the final month of Q1 this year, we have planned quite a few things to implement this year. We are excited to share the developments with you. So, it makes sense to have a blog section on our website, where you could see what’s happening on our side. Blog is one such thing which has been on our bucket list for a really long time and we want to tick it off finally!

What can you expect?

Our blog will have a news segment where we will write about our latest project launches, developments of our company as such. We will also be writing about web design, branding, digital marketing, social media, graphic designing and app development. We will be sharing useful resources, tips and must follow practices under the above topics. So, if you are an entrepreneur, business owner, creative professional, learner, then keep watching this space. (Subscribe to our newsletter!)

Startup World

We will also be featuring startups in order to promote and inspire people to know about the interesting things happening around them and also to build something new. There is no restriction on the domain. We will be covering startups from farming to automation to AR VR space.

Interviewing thinkers

We will be featuring the interviews of achievers, design thinkers, business leaders across the globe. It’s an opportunity to learn how they have overcome the failures and achieved success. The day we stop learning, we stop growing is been our motto. In fact the first group an associate who joins The Web People is added is named as “Learn Everyday!”.

Feature our service

If there’s any custom feature that our developers have built will be featured here. Our developers work on a wide range of technologies solving different problems everyday. We will feature them in the blog and their services can be availed by the people if there’s a requirement.

We will also accept writing requests from the readers who want to share things related to the topics mentioned above. Our team members who are not content writers by skill will also be sharing their works. So, we request our readers to be kind regarding the language we use here 😉 That’s all for now from us, looking forward to having a delightful engagement with you in the coming days.

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{Mucho Gusto – is a spanish word which means “nice to meet you” or “pleased to meet you“. Here, we are pleased to meet you through our blog engagement 🙂 }

About The Web People

The Web People (TWP), is a leading website/app development agency based out of the temple town of Puttur in Karnataka, India. Established in 2016, TWP has been delivering tailor-made digital solutions to elevate online experience to the next level. With the tagline “we weave your digital experience”, TWP offers a wide range of services including Website UI/UX design , Web & Mobile Apps, Design & Branding, and Online Presence & Advertising.

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