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Visual Rail

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In Brief

Visual Rail is Founded in 2016 by a team of seasoned business professionals. They are passionate about customer satisfaction and will help to create presentations or a unique brand identity that will take messaging to the next level.


We’ve helped many businesses transform to have an all-out sales boom just by improving their online shopping experience. We had the challenge to create a selling platform where visual rail can sell their presentation templates to their customers. We had to build the platform where the user can digitally download the presentation files and is also bound by download limit.


We developed a web solution based on a popular library for e-commerce applications of our client. The choice of this library allowed implementing the solution pretty fast. We implemented main modules of the e-commerce application almost without efforts and concentrated on the development of custom functionality.


The visual rail is making its road in domains with successfully selling their beautifully designed templates. The website is able to handle multiple customers who can buy and download simultaneously. View website here

Unique Design

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Happy Customers

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