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Swachh Selfi Saga

 I am a Clean ambassador 

In Brief

This was a campaign started in Mysore, on bringing awareness of keeping your city clean and was conducted to promote the thought School. This campaign was conducted in the period of Dasara as more number of people do visit Mysore from other places.  


Reaching mass people, who were not even aware of the brand was a challenging part. In a busy schedule of Dasara, making this campaign run and make the people aware of this was really a difficult thing. 


The creative team of TheWebPeople along with the client envisioned the idea of Swatch Selfie Saga. And started promoting all over Facebook and Twitter page.

A person has to take a selfie putting waste in a bin and post it on their Social Media using the Hashtag “I am a clean ambassador”.


In the last, the campaign was so lively that our team started approaching people to participate in this campaign directly. This bought a positive impact on Mysore city, Thought School got promotion through bringing awareness to keep the city clean. More than 3000 people participated in this event which made the Swachh Selfie Saga fruitful.

Public participating in the event with the slogan “I RESIDE IN THE CLEANEST CITY and I AM A CLEAN AMBASSADOR”

You can view photos here 

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