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Surya Credit Corporative Society

A credit Corporation agent 

In Brief

This is a process of deposit, which help daily wage earners, small traders and farmers to inculcate a saving habit. This action of collecting pigmy is through ticketing Machine, we came up with an idea of upgrading the process of collecting pigmy through using a mobile app.


Considering the target demography, the challenge was to create a mobile app, which is very user-friendly and to perform the operations in as fewer steps as possible.


Backed by an extensive user behavior research, our technical team came up with a simple and effective idea to handle the pigmy operations. We developed back-office applications for the Pigmy collections and mobile app for pigmy agents.


Currently, this app is launched in a society called Surya Credit Cooperate Society, where it is having a successful run. We are also getting inquiries from other cooperative societies to apply the same. which we are going to launch in a face wise manner.


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