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Sun Academy

Dedication is our completion 

In Brief

They wanted us to outsource their business process and maintain all their software. They wanted who work offshore and build an online profile for Sun Academy. We were the tech-supporters to Sun Academy by maintaining kids attendance, preparing them for the exams, noting down the pickup and drop time schedule, maintaining academy associates attendance details, sending notifications to the parents, managing registration criteria, website building, etc.


Communication and coordination is a major challenge which every offshore team faces while working with an international team. Our trained team with a state of infrastructure were able to work accordingly and deliver the objectives of our clients.


We offered them website solutions, supported in school management software and outsourced all their business process, which was handled by Our technical experts 24/5. We also used to handle their Attendance and fees management work.

Business process outsourcing is handling client’s work offshore 24/5, receiving calls from clients and working as back-office operators for our clients.


Our website solution to increase the Sun Academy’s online presence, because of our team was handling all the business processes, the administration of Sun Academy was able to focus more on their academic strength on which they were able to deliver better results. Sun Academy received more admissions compared to their previous years after working with TheWebPeople. View website here 

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