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In brief

Readoo India is our first attempt to launch a startup. Our mission to provide a platform for people to share their opinions, talents, and experiences. With an enthusiastic team, we planned and executed every phase of Readoo, starting from designing a website, team-building, content creation, running campaigns, running social media accounts to marketing and promotion.

As an avid social media user, I have found that people have many things to say. They want to have their opinions heard, experiences shared, stories told. At the same time, they want to hear other’s words too. Have you ever voted, purchased goods, watched a movie in a theatre, traveled places without reading reviews, opinions of other people? No, right?

They play such an important role in our thought process. But we often end up reading the opinions of some influential celeb types all the time. We are left with no other option but to read their neutral (sarcastic remark!) writings. Most of the writers feel that their writings do not reach a deserved audience. And some folks have many things to say but don’t know where to start. This is why is born.

– Aditya Kalluraya


Starting an Online Media Company without any person with domain experience in our team was quite a challenge. But thanks to incredibly talented and quick learners in our team, today we can proudly say that Readoo India is one of the fastest growing and popular online platforms in India. We are forever proud to be associated with Readoo. Within few months of launch, the team Readoo planned to start Kannada website portal, as there where a significant number of Karnataka readers. The result was overwhelming, Readoo Kannada was able to create a new buzz in Karnataka during its launch. It not only helped the Kannada section to attract new visitors but also helped the main website to be recognized as a Global website. Now both the websites are attracting an equal number of visitors, i.e., double more than what Readoo used to get before expansion. View website here

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