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Petro Buddy

Moving at the speed of serving you better.

In Brief

We the team The Web People had an idea of making petrol bunk automated. This project aims at designing a system to eliminate man power and to increase efficiency of each petrol bunks by making the process automated through App. By the help of “Petrol Buddy” dealers or the administrators can achieve all his requirements in less time.

Due to stricter and ever-changing regulations in the Petroleum industries, petrol bunk owners where often found in compliance with the regulations. So there was a dire need for an app like this in the petroleum industry


On a daily routine, petrol dealers have to make note of several factors affecting the operations of the petrol bunk. All these factors are bound by expiry dates which if missed will result in penalties. We had the challenge to make note of all these factors and put on to a system where the dealer can easily manage and monitor. We also had the challenge to accommodate dealers having multiple works.


To overcome this we came up with the robust idea of developing a mobile app which is user-friendly and effective. Using the details acquired from the extensive user survey, we developed an android and ios app.


The app has just seen a soft launch, we are planning to launch this in a face wise launch in Karnataka and then throughout India.




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